Are vinyl graphics permanent?
No! Vinyl graphics can be removed from where it is applied at any time.
Can I remove them?
Yes, Vinyl graphics can be removed when desired whether you’re looking to replace it or remove it, it is best to contact our team of experts to have your vinyl professionally removed.
How do I remove them?
Bring your fleet or vehicle to us - using the newest tools and techniques, our professionals will remove your graphic safely and effectively.
How many vehicles can Advantage accommodate at once?
We have 5 full-service in-house bays- rain or shine, winter or summer, we have the space to wrap an entire fleet of vehicles in a short amount of time. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for YOUR fleet. Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you! Advantage Vinyl can take our experienced installation team and materials on the road to make the fleet of your dreams a reality, all at your own location - Contact us for more details.
What does “wrapping” mean?
“Wrapping” a vehicle means covering it in a protective vinyl graphic that covers your vehicles original paint. A portion of the vehicle, or the entire vehicle can be wrapped.
What does the process entail?
At Advantage Vinyl, we start with design. Our graphic designers work tirelessly to create showstopping designs that work for you. Once that step is done, we move onto the printing and application process. To learn more about our application process, visit our TECHNOLOGY page.
If my company info changes, can my wrap be updated too?
Absolutely! Our designers will edit your existing design, or work with you to create a new one. Most times, we can print a vinyl graphic to add over the existing wrap, or replace it all together.
Will wrapping my vehicle harm the paint?
No, wrapping a vehicle does NOT affect the factory applied paint underneath*. Often wraps can be fully removed leaving no trace of the graphic behind. One bonus to wrapping a vehicle is that the vinyl helps protect your paint.

*If your vehicle has been painted from its original colour, please contact us about removing your vinyl wrapping.