When your business needs a superior display graphic, choose Advantage Vinyl. Our team of expert designers and installers will create imagery for fleet graphics, production decals, promotional displays, interior and exterior signage, banners and so much more! With over 25 years of industry experience, we are experts in visual communication.

Award Winning Custom Vinyl Wrapping and Graphics for Fleets, Trucks and Trailers


The award winning designers at Advantage Vinyl have been creating business signs for clients in Southwestern Ontario for over twenty five years. The signage used to promote your business is one of the most prominent marketing tools you will have as a business owner. Choose a company like Advantage Vinyl whose focus is on bringing your ideas to life. Our team will create a design that is attention-grabbing, sleek and professional, and will help your company stand out from the competition. To learn more about our signage services click here.  At Advantage Vinyl we have the ability to work with vehicles of any size. Bring us your business trucks, both big and small, and we will put our creative and talented minds to work. We like to think of a vinyl truck wrap as a moving billboard, advertising your product or service. From the front to back of the truck, and the top to the bottom, the vehicle can be used to highlight the products or services your company offers. Commercial trucks spend the majority of their time on the road, so why not use that time to reach an even bigger audience. Learn more about our design and application techniques.  

For over twenty five years the creative team at Advantage Vinyl has been designing truck wraps, signage, decals and graphics that can bring brand awareness and attention to your business, and help you stand out from the competition. Let us create a custom trailer wrap for your truck fleet that will act as a moving billboard for your products or services.

Advantage Vinyl uses top-notch 3M products with brilliant, long-lasting colour inks for optimal longevity. Using our wide-format printers, we can design, print, and apply all our graphics in-house and if you are unable, we will bring all our equipment on the road and come to you. Our graphics team has a very high attention to detail and uses the most advanced techniques and materials to bring any design to life. When your business details change or you are ready for something new, our decals, wraps and vinyls can be removed as easily as they were applied. Your business fleet doesn't need to be solely used to transport goods: use it to promote your brand with the best graphic designs from Advantage Vinyl.  Have you been searching for that show-stopping design that brings your business the attention it deserves? Printed decals can allow you to take your business advertisements with you anywhere. Decals are often the first impression a potential consumer has of your business, so it is imperative they are sleek, detailed and attractive. They can also be used to warn of potential dangers or hazards. Therefore, our top-quality printed decals can be used for packaging, machinery and even heavy-duty equipment. Speak to us about the quality design materials we use and how our printed decals can support your business.  

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Bring the vision you have for your business to the professionals at Advantage Vinyl and watch the advertisements come to life. From a small one or two vehicle operation to a full fleet of commercial trucks, we have the expertise and equipment to fulfill your project demands. Our team has the highest attention to detail and level of commitment second to none. Contact us today at 519-758-0439 or 1-877-558-0439 and ask about a free quote.

Semi truck wraps, an innovative form of mobile advertising, have gained significant attention in the marketing world. Advantage Vinyl, a leading provider of high-quality vehicle wraps, is at the forefront of this industry. This paper explores the transformative power of semi truck wraps as an advertising medium and delves into how Advantage Vinyl's expertise has shaped this burgeoning market.

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and marketing, businesses are constantly searching for unique and impactful ways to capture their target audience's attention. Semi truck wraps have emerged as a dynamic and visually compelling method for brand promotion. Advantage Vinyl, a distinguished name in the vehicle wrapping industry, has played a pivotal role in transforming this mode of advertising into a powerful and versatile marketing tool.

The Power of Mobile Advertising
The beauty of semi truck wraps lies in their mobility and omnipresence. These wraps transform a mundane commercial vehicle into a moving billboard that travels across cities, states, and even countries. By strategically placing advertisements on semi trucks, companies can reach a broad and diverse audience without being confined to a fixed location. This advertising placement offers unparalleled exposure and brand visibility.

Advantage Vinyl: The Pioneers of Quality
Advantage Vinyl has been instrumental in setting industry standards for semi truck wraps. Their unwavering commitment to quality and precision ensures that their wraps not only look stunning but also withstand the rigors of the road. With a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, Advantage Vinyl excels in delivering vibrant, long-lasting wraps that withstand harsh weather conditions and UV exposure.

A Creative Canvas
Semi truck wraps offer a unique canvas for creative expression. Advantage Vinyl works closely with businesses to craft bespoke designs that reflect their brand identity and messaging. The ability to combine eye-catching graphics, captivating visuals, and concise branding elements makes these wraps an ideal medium for delivering a brand message.

Versatility and Customization
One of the advantages of working with Advantage Vinyl is their commitment to customization. They understand that each business has unique marketing needs, and they tailor their semi truck wraps accordingly. Whether it's a full wrap, partial wrap, or a simple logo placement, their solutions cater to various budget constraints and objectives.

Increased Brand Visibility
Semi truck wraps offer an unprecedented level of brand visibility. They transform trucks into attention-grabbing, on-the-move billboards that can reach thousands of potential customers every day. Whether a truck is driving through a bustling city or along a quiet highway, these wraps ensure that the brand message is always in motion.

Cost-Effective Advertising
Compared to traditional advertising mediums like billboards, television, or print, semi truck wraps provide a cost-effective alternative. With a one-time investment, businesses can have their message displayed 24/7 for years, making it an economical choice for long-term branding efforts.

Environmental Sustainability
Advantage Vinyl's commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in their choice of eco-friendly materials and printing processes. They prioritize the use of non-toxic, recyclable materials, ensuring that their wraps are not only visually appealing but also eco-conscious.

The Future of Semi Truck Wraps
As technology advances, the possibilities for semi truck wraps continue to expand. Advantage Vinyl is at the forefront of innovation, exploring new materials, printing techniques, and interactive elements to further enhance the effectiveness of these mobile advertisements. In an increasingly digital world, they are embracing augmented reality and interactive QR codes to bridge the gap between offline and online advertising.

Semi truck wraps, as offered by Advantage Vinyl, have emerged as a groundbreaking approach to advertising and branding. Their versatility, mobility, and cost-effectiveness make them a compelling choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression on a wide audience. With their commitment to quality and environmental sustainability, Advantage Vinyl stands as a leader in this burgeoning field, reshaping the landscape of mobile advertising.

Advantage Vinyl's semi truck wraps offer a unique and powerful way to amplify brand visibility, captivate audiences, and make a lasting impact on the advertising world. As businesses continue to seek creative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly marketing solutions, Advantage Vinyl's commitment to quality and innovation positions them as the go-to provider for transforming commercial vehicles into dynamic marketing assets.

  If you are looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business, trailer graphics should top your list. Why? The right trailer graphics will grab the attention of your targeted audience, while delivering your brand message and business details. Advantage Vinyl can create graphics for large jobs like semi trucks and trailers, to commercial buses and vans or personal cars used for business. Check out our portfolio to see some of our past client wraps and graphics, then contact our office to discuss your project ideas and budget.  

Professionally designed truck or trailer wraps, fleet wide graphics, and vehicle lettering can put your business advertisement out on the road and getting the attention it deserves!

Advantage Vinyl is part of the process from beginning to finish. From the beginning, which involves design including your business graphics, to printing the vinyl, and finally applying the vinyl to the trailer using specialized techniques. Our installers will ensure the wrap is carefully aligned and incredibly smooth, therefore creating a seamless and professional finish. Bring us your business ideas and let us help bring your vision to life. Give us a call at 519-758-0439 or 1-877-558-0439 or send us a message using the Contact Us form on our website.  The right truck wrap will not only help protect your vehicle, but will serve as a fabulous advertisement for your business. For a business owner, truck wraps can help prolong your fleet of vehicles and are an excellent long term marketing investment. Let our award-winning designers at Advantage Vinyl help you achieve a eye-catching, sleek and professional design that promotes your product or service. Our creative team will design and fit a advertising wrap for your trucks that will catch the eye of your business audience every time it takes to the road.  

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